Thursday, April 30, 2020

Billy Porter Graduates From ‘Quarancuts’ Virtual Hair School

Billy Porter - Photo Credit: Barba 

One of the less discussed challenges of the lockdown following the COVID-19 outbreak has been that individuals all over are finding themselves in dire need of a haircut with spouses, partners, parents and children are suddenly being drafted as amateur barbers and stylists – with potentially catastrophic (stylistic) results. 

To help remedy the situation and deliver some much-needed relief, New York City’s Up-Scale men’s grooming boutique Barba, in partnership with agency, Terri & Sandy has launched the Quarancuts Virtual Hair School. 

Each day, Barba’s Owner and Master Stylist, Xavier Cruz, will guide student "stylists" through the techniques of men’s haircuts online using Zoom. Anyone interested in taking the “course” can Direct Message (DM) Barba on Instagram, with all Quarancuts sessions airing simultaneously on IGTV so that friends, family and the wider community can get in on the lesson. 

The first amateur stylist to attend Quarancuts was Grammy-winning singer, Tony-winning actor, and renowned style icon Billy Porter, who enlisted help in cutting his husband Adam Smith’s hair. 

When asked about his experience and the learning process Porter had this to say, “My nerves faded away with Xavier’s guidance. Humbling and fabulous!”. His husband Adam added, “Xavier saved the day teaching my husband how to give me a desperately needed trim."

Xavier Cruz - Photo Credit: Barba 

Master Stylist Xavier Cruz of Barba adds, "Without a doubt, these are hard times, but not all is lost. Quarancuts puts us closer together. We created this program to not only make us feel great over our appearance, but to also have fun. We will certainly have some good laughs during our sessions." 

Digital and social content for the Quarancuts Virtual Hair School will be broadcast across social media on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. 

About Barba Men’s Grooming Boutique 

For years boutiques and barbershops have coexisted, separate entities serving different clients. Barba has united these two different services in a single place, offering high-end boutique services and more modestly priced traditional barbering under a single roof, led by Xavier Cruz. This men’s Grooming Boutique is provided by a highly experienced and well-regarded, staff, including the owner-founder of Xavier Cruz Salon and Xac Anthony Salon & Spa.
Barba 235 West 19th Street, New York City - Photo Credit: Barba 

Barba 235 West 19th Street, New York City - Photo Credit: Barba 

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