Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Tracy Morgan Returns to His Brooklyn Roots to Give Back

(L-R) Tracy Morgan, Megan Wollover and Maven Sonae Morgan (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 
In celebration of the upcoming premiere of Season 2 of TBS’s #1 cable comedy The Last O.G., TBS and GrowNYC gave the Hattie Carthan Community Garden a fresh look. The Last Tracy Morgan returned home to Brooklyn along with his wife and daughter to host a special garden party to bring awareness for the need for community gardens and green spaces in urban communities throughout New York City.

The premise of The Last O.G. is the story of so many millions of black men coming home and not only navigating their rapidly gentrifying communities, but relationships with their children and families, and even technology, after spending a significant amount of time away. It has to resonate for the estimated 25 percent of African American children in this country who have a parent who is currently or formerly incarcerated. 
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