Friday, May 29, 2020

Towanda Braxton Launches Age-defying Skin Care Line "Ladybug Skincare"

Toward Braxton - Photo Credit: @itowandabraxton

Towanda Braxton is finally letting fans know her secret to her flawless skin. Known as the "Responsible One" of the Braxtons, Towanda has deemed it as her responsibility to help others combat wrinkles, acne, dull skin, and other skin impurities with her new cosmetic line, "Ladybug Skincare."

Towanda has always had a keen interest in the beauty and skincare industry since she was a child, but after meeting the “Skin God” Charlotte Wilson of Glow Skin Enhancement, she took actions into her own hands. Towanda decided to take her acquired knowledge and create her very own skincare line called “Ladybug Skincare” backed by Charlotte Wilson. The products are created for all skin types, and gives the user a young, natural, and refreshing glow. Her mission is to educate others on how to keep their skin looking and feeling healthy, one step at a time. With that, she plans on spreading her knowledge across the world, and become a Go-To for all things skin care. The affordable line features A Bar Day & Night Soap,Timeless Ageless Morning Toner, Timeless Ageless Day Moisturizer, Timeless Ageless Night Lotion, Anti Aging Serum, and Glow Sunscreen. 
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