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Coco Talks Post- Pregnancy & Is There Another Baby In The Works?

Coco is a television personality, glamour/fitness model, actress, dancer, author, fashion designer, entrepreneur, internet sensation and dog mom to supermodel Spartacus and Maximus. She is best known for her ample derriere. 

The talk-show host, fitness enthusiast and reality star recently welcomed her first child with husband Ice-T

Coco spoke exclusively to the Von Boozier Twins about her post baby experience and reveals her secrets to bouncing back into shape, and whats next for the entrepreneur.

How was your pregnancy experience? 
COCO: My pregnancy was a great experience although I had some health downfalls with heartburn, numbing of my hands and feet that still lingers today. However, when I look down at my baby those complications are all worth it and I would do it again.

How is it parenting in the spotlight?
COCO: Personally I’ve innately became a mother, parenting in the spotlight is always difficult. Although the public will always have something to say my comeback is: “Its not your baby, its mine” and I’ll do what I want and don’t need the advise of the public.

What was the first month with a new baby like?
COCO: The first week was really hard with trying to breast-feed. We dedicated the first month with family coming in and out-of-town to visit, which also happened to have been the holiday season. It was fun for everyone to welcome the new addition to the family. We gave all our immediate family members their own week to bond and visit.

How do you juggle a busy career, a high-profile marriage, and motherhood?
COCO: I’m a perfectionist so I knew while I was pregnant I was going to take time off. All of my businesses were setup to function and operate online so when Chanel was born I knew I wasn’t going to work because I wanted to spend time to bond with my baby. I’m always trying to dibble and dabble in an array of things as a Wife, Businesswoman and Mother; I’m not a person to just sit on a couch watching TV or take a break I’ve mastered how to juggle everything well.

What are the best weight-loss and fitness tips you can give new moms?
COCO: I didn’t figure out a weight loss secret until after I had my baby. There’s one thing you can do before getting pregnant that I strongly advice which is to focus on and strengthen your abs and core muscles. Ladies don’t worry about any other body part or gaining baby weight; try to get your abs and core as strong as possible. My years of dedication to doing yoga, pilates and working out enabled me to have a strong core and aided in my smooth and easy pregnancy delivering Chanel on the third push. I maintained my figure by being a “fruitarian” and eating healthy and clean.

What activities do you like to do to bond with your daughter?
COCO: I enjoy waking up early morning with Chanel by my side. We both get up slow laughing, playing, and talking to her.

Can we expect any more little ones in the future?
COCO: I only planned on having one child, it wasn’t in my vision to have a big family of my own. Personally, I could be pregnant all my life. I had such a great experience knowing something was growing and moving inside of me, I would want to have that feeling over and over again. What I do on a daily basis and how Ice T and I travel with the dogs and now Chanel it would be too much to expand with another baby.

Will you be the next momager?
COCO: Some people make jokes that I am a Momager now. I don’t want her to be a model like I am. I want the best for her, my route was hardcore and I don’t want Chanel to take my route. In the meantime I’m having fun with her in the spotlight and dressing her up like a doll, I’m probably building a little monster right now lol.

Coco’s Mommy Essentials:
Fast Beauty Secret
COCO: Sneak out of bed before Chanel gets up in the morning to get my mommy time and glam on.
Go-To Mom Meal
COCO: Greek Yogurt
In Her Diaper Bag
COCO: I don’t have a diaper bag; I pile everything I need in my pocketbooks within a zip lock bag (diapers, formula, pacifier, ointments and wipes)

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