Wednesday, March 16, 2016

R&B Diva Lil’ Mo Shares Her Life Lessons

Lil’ Mo, born Cynthia Loving is an accomplished American singer, songwriter, vocal producer, radio personality, wife and mother. As if that wasn’t enough she adds reality TV starlet to her resume as the star of the hit TVone series R&B Divas Los Angeles.

The “Superwoman” is best known for features with Missy Elliott, Fabolous, Ja Rule, Jay-Z and the late ODB to name a few. She has also vocally produced for Tamar Braxton, Keith Sweat, as well as the greats we all adored while on earth Gerald Levert and The Voice – Whitney Houston.

Lil’ Mo spoke to the Von Boozier Twins about her music career, a tell all book, and whats next for the R&B Diva.

The biggest risk I have ever taken is:
MO: Falling in love and getting married for the 3rd and final time. Not really a risk, because the reward is greater. So it is more of an adventure LOL.

I’m glad that I never:
MO: Slept with ANYBODY that I’ve worked with in the music industry. Not giving it up easy is actually a good thing. Even in this over sensationalized sexually driven industry.

The moment I knew I made it was when:
MO: My children said “mommy that’s you on the radio”. When your kids think you’re HOT, nothing else matters.

My greatest joy in life right now is:
MO: My family. I absolutely am in love with my wu tang clan as we call ourselves. I wouldn’t trade in anything for them.

I could never have predicted:
MO: That I would have my own Morning Show with my brother Quicksilva. This is all surreal to me.

The hardest lesson I’ve learned:
MO: That some people have to GO. And if I don’t remove them, GOD will. But you don’t know who is closest to you, the biggest phony in your camp. And not everyone can go with you to the next level. I’m still learning.

The key to my happiness is:
MO: Not worrying about anything or anyone that don’t cut me a check. HELLO lol.

I get all my strength from:
MO: My husband and my sister. I could say I’m the superwoman and I multitask and no one helps me. And that would be a lie. But my husband is beyond the greatest and my sister is the strongest woman I know.

Being in the public eye has taught me:
MO: To be yourself. No faking. The paparazzi photos don’t lie lol.

Being an Entertainer for a living has been:
MO: Being an Entertainer has been one helluva ride.

Catch Lil Mo on The Fam Morning Show on 93.9 WKYS. Her tell all book “Taming Lil Mo” is also available on all online outlets. Stay tuned for more music from this R&B Diva.

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